Friday, March 2, 2012

Maruti Ertiga MPV

Maruti Ertiga has been introduced to the automobile world in the recent Auto Expo that was organized in New Delhi this year. Maruti Ertiga is a multipurpose vehicle that only 9 per cent of the automobile segment contributes with. Ertiga was earlier christened with the code name "Maruti R3" when it was first time showcased in India in the 2010 Auto Expo. The recent name is inspired by an Indonesian word ‘Ertiga' which means ‘three rows'. Maruti Ertiga MPV price is something that cannot be predicted accurately for the time being but is expected to be around Rs 7 Lakh.

Maruti Ertiga is acclaimed to a family car as mentioned by the officials before its launch. This gesture of the personnel makes it very clear that Maruti Ertiga MPV price can be foreseen to be pocket friendly, thus, attracting huge number Indian patrons towards it.

Maruti Ertiga MPV will be launched in both petrol and diesel variants. The Maruti Ertiga petrol will be mechanized with 1.4 litre 1372cc K series engine, which is renowned for its mastered fuel efficiency and it can deliberately shoot up to the maximum power of 70 Kw and a maximum torque of 130 Nm. Being the K-Series engine, this Ertiga version will stand enrooted with around 18 kmpl mileage . And for the diesel variant, a magnificent 1.3 L capable 1196cc DDiS Super Turbo diesel will do its best for the MPV. The engine configuration was also seen in Maruti SX4 sedan before this. Capable of producing a peak power of 66 Kw and highest torque correspond to 200 Nm. Fuel efficiency of Maruti Ertiga diesel variant extraordinarily high with a figure of 20.77 kmpl. Maruti Ertiga MPV will feature a five speed manual transmission mechanism. Front wheel drive is the main attraction apart from the mind-blowing interiors and sporty exterior manifestation. Overall Maruti Ertiga Features is good.

Some speculations regarding the added features are that Maruti Ertiga MPV is expected to come in six distinct variants suffixed with LXi, VXi, ZXi, LDi, VDi and ZDi respectively. Top variant, Maruti Ertiga ZXi is will feature

Anti-lock Braking System whereas in each variants 3 spoke tilt-power steering with mounted controls, twin AC with climate control, central locking, keyless entry, power windows with auto down, audio system, multi information display and many more features will be added. Exciting color options are planned to be availed for the buyers such as Silky Silver, Arctic White, Blazing Red, Torque Blue, Glistening Grey and Midnight Black.

Maruti has done extraordinary endeavour when it's about the leap that it took for making vehicles of almost every section of the automobile segment be its a hatchback, sedan, SUV or MPV.

One of the main reason of such a great sales accomplishment of the Maruti cars is its low cost yet easily available maintenance that it provides to the customers and due to this reason mainly the average earning Indian customers go for Maruti Vehicles as they are affordable and fuel efficient too.

Toyota Etios Future

After a series of researches and sleepless nights more than 2,000 dedicated technical experts created one of the best structures of science, Toyota Etios sedan and the similar named Toyota Etios hatchback. Toyota Etios sedan model is christened as Toyota Etios Saloon and the hatchback is known as Toyota Etios Liva. A lot of efforts are made to keep the fuel efficiency, interior comforts and the exterior design as the center of attraction for the average earning citizens of India. In 2010, Toyota Kirloskar Motor showcased both, the hatchback as well as the sedan version of Toyota Etios. The Toyota Etios Saloon is available for sale but the hatchback model is yet not brought in the market and is planned to do so in 2013. Toyota Etios is comparatively, affordable. The cost is cut down by introducing only the home grown spare parts and other equipments.

Toyota Etios Saloon sedan has 1.5 litre petrol engine and 68PS diesel engine of 1364 cc. The Toyota Etios Saloon petrol version will run by the maximum power of 90 PS and a maximum torque of 132 Nm. Toyota Etios Saloon with the diesel engine brings 68PS of maximum power and a peak torque of 170Nm. The suspensions in Toyota Etios are inspired by Toyota's Yari. The attractive sedan in its petrol variant weighs 930 kg whereas in diesel variant Toyota Etios is approximately 40 kgs more thus, it weighs 990kg.

Toyota has proven itself worth praise when it's about bringing the latest amenities in the vehicle without compromising with the eminence of its features. Thus a trouble free execution of the loaded features is what the owner of this will get. The exterior curvatures are unflinching with more pointed geometry still gives a very classic appearance to the whole car. This car is a true example of affordable luxury which is not only economic but also immensely consigned with perfect blend of art and science.

Maruti Swift Dzire, Tata Manza and Hyundai Accent are some of the rival alleles that Toyota Etios Saloon sedan may have to face on the battle ground. As reported by some officials, around 70,000 units of this car shall be marketed every year. Expecting much from their hatchback, Toyota Etios Liva they plan to make 10 per cent contribution small car segment of the automobile mart in India till this year ends.

Waterless Definitely Doesn't Mean Less Fun

It really makes us happy that we hardly ever receive any complaints when it comes to our waterless car wash products. This is a good indicator that we are doing a great job at giving the customers what they want and need and supplying them with a high quality product. In fact, one of the only things that we ever hear our customers talk negatively about is they sometimes like the feeling of splashing the water around on a summer day. While we understand that, it is quite wasteful and there are still many ways around that.

First off, and this is probably nothing that you don't already know but all of that water that you use to wash your car in the traditional way is a big waste. There is simply no need to use up all of that water to do something like wash your car when it can be accomplished with no water at all. Not to mention all of the dirt and grime that gets mixed with the water and soaked back into the earth during the wash. These are all things that our earth and environment does not need.

As far as having fun with the water, we hear you! We love playing around in the water too, we just prefer to do it in a way that is not so wasteful. If your car is covered in dirt or mud then you can still (and you should) go ahead and give it a spray to remove any excess debris from the vehicle. It is during this time that you can get your fill of playing around in the water. Even if you don't have any excess debris on your vehicle you can still spray it down and cool yourself off. We recommend not using too much though as it would defeat the whole purpose of the waterless car wash to begin with.

Also, with the time you save washing your car the waterless way, you will have a lot more time to focus on other fun water activities. Once you are done washing the car you can take the kids to the pool or the lake and go for a swim. An added bonus is that you will probably notice all of the people in the parking lot checking out how clean and shiny your car really is. For all the dads out there this can be a great new way to make new friends with common interests in your area.

So yes, the waterless car wash has removed the water from the process, that is apparent right from the name. That being said, you can still enjoy the water on a hot day and in some situations have even more time for the fun parts because you have spent less time actually washing your car. No matter which way you decide to wash or what you decide to do after washing, make sure you are having fun and enjoying that great shine.

Maruti A Star Specifications and Safety Features 2012

A Star uses mainly the used products from various manufactured car models of the company, the practice which the company terms as ‘the end of useful life'. The concept is used across Europe extensively though it is new to India. The car currently carries a price tag of Rs.3,59,838 onwards.

A Star is a hatchback that was designed to replace the Alto in the European markets and as a competition for Hyundai i10. The car was launched in India in 2007 and an automatic version of the same was introduced in August 2011.

Maruti A Star is available in four variants, Lxi, Vxi with manual and AT transmission and the A-star Zxi.

A Star is a truly environment friendly car, designed to meet the end of life vehicle specifications, according to which 85% of the components used in the car are recyclable. The dynamic Penta Drive feature of the car empowers it with five world class features. The car abstains from using fatal materials like mercury, cadmium and lead, using it only in the production of batteries.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, headquartered in New Delhi, is a subsidiary of Suzuki, the automobile and motorcycle manufacturer of Japan. Maruti is one of the most popular brands in India, selling more than a million cars in the country.

Maruti has recently launched a new variant of Maruti A Star, called as A Star Automatic, which incorporates four speed automatic gear.

Maruti A Star features a new K-Series engine, the upgraded version of which produces a top power of 67 bhp @ 6200 rpm. Peak torque of 90 Nm is produced @ 3500 rpm.

The very powerful engines are equipped with 3-cylinders and an MPFi system which can generate a displacement of 998cc. The 12-valve DOHC powertrain is mated to either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a four speed automatic transmission option. Though the automatic gear option is more fuel efficient than the manual variant, one would need to keep an eye on the mileage offered. The engine is BS IV emission compliant while satisfying the Euro 4 and 5 norms too. The low CO2 emission of the car makes it one of the most environment friendly automobiles on the roads. The car contributes to a fuel economy of 14 kmpl on the city roads and 19 kmpl on highways. The CO2 emission of the car is lower than 108 gm/km, which it had estimated earlier, outperforming the required emission of 10 gm/km according to European standards. The car offers a minimum turning radius of 4.5 metres.

The first thing that one would notice about the Maruti A Star is its aerodynamic eye-catching European style hatchback design, reflecting the contemporary European tastes. The exterior of the car is crafted to precision and body painted. The front portion of the A Star features frog-eye shaped extended headlamps, a wide open shaped grille slot, combined with a fog lamp, shaped like a small leaf. The bonnet is compact and designed with the likeness of a wide swept nose. Wide wheel arch, small turning lights, front windscreen fitted with intermittent wiper and washers, the A Star is pleasing on the eye.

A Star features a neatly designed dashboard, mounted on the urethane power steering wheel with clear instrumentation, contributing to better control. The crimson illuminated meter console along with a pop-up tachometer in the ZXi version allows better visibility. The car comfortably accommodates four adults, with enough space for a fifth person too and allows good leg, head, hip and shoulder space, especially in the front seat. The MacPherson Strut and Coil spring suspension system allows efficient handling and good performance on bumps. The adjustable driver seats ensure the comfort levels for the driver while the seats of the car are given an appealing finish with premium fabric. The Other comfort features of the car include standard climate control AC and vents at both ends, centrally placed twin ducts, an integrated audio system with four speakers, parking light, cigarette lighter, sun visor with ticket holder, two cup holders in each seat row, ashtray, accessory socket, vanity mirrors and rear luggage shelf in the premium version of the car. The car also has comforts like boot lid opener, fuel lid opener, front and rear electronic power windows, inside manual outside mirrors and others.

A Star is built with a crushable structure energy dispersing frame and a highly rigid body, which is also light weight. The body absorbs impact energy and disperses it away from the occupants in case of a collision. The dash board mounted with speed sensitive three spoke urethane power steering wheel allows good control. A Star has other safety features including immobilizer, child proof door locks, front ventilated disc brakes, front seat belt force limiters, seat belts, door ajar warning light, Key off reminder, remote control door locks, central door locks apart from driver airbags Electronic Brake Distribution and an Anti lock braking system.

Finding the Right Very Cheap Cars

Everyone wants to buy cheap cars. But not everyone can get cheap cars, at least not good quality ones. This is because buying cheap cars is not as easy as picking grocery from the market, and involves a lot of research and attention. But at the same time its not impossible to find right cheap cars, and if you want to get one for you then I'd suggest you to go for used cars. Buying used cars is the easiest and the most reliable way of finding cheap cars for sale of different make and model. The used car market features all sorts of models be it SUVs for Sale or Sedans for sale, you can find them all easily. But finding cheap cars needs a lot of attention from the buyers and hence here I am listing some of the things that you need to get good cheap SUVs for sale or any other model of your choice.

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for cheap cars for sale is the reliability. If should be known that you are not getting a brand new car from a showroom that you can be assured of each and every aspect of the car, and hence when buying used cars make sure that you've checked each and every aspect of the car in detailed manner. Starting from the tires to the safety equipments to the engine, every single part of the car that you are getting for should be checked thoroughly. This becomes even important when you are getting SUVs for sale, and that is because in general SUVs undergoes a lot of rough handling.

The second thing to keep in mind is the price. When our aim is to find cheap cars for sale, then paying heavily for a used car model doesn't makes any sense and you must keep this in mind. There are a lot of ways in which you can get good quality used cars as affordable price and one of the most productive war is the internet. There are tons of online car dealers that offers great quality used cars at reasonable prices, and also have an extensive range of vehicles listed with them. So whether you want nice potent SUVs for sale or want nice and incredible sports car at reasonable prices, you could get them all here.

The third thing to pay attention to is the safety. Used cars in general have a history associated with them, and hence its very important that you know the history behind the SUVs for sale that you are considering as your next car or any other cheap cars for sale you are looking at. This is because while saving some bucks you don't want to make compromises on your safety, and hence you must get the car checked in proper manner to make sure that everything about the car is fine and there's no threat to the safety of the occupants.

So these are some of the significant points that you need to keep in mind when finding nice cheap cars for sale. Taking all these points into consideration will give great results to you and will help you find nice and potent used car for yourself.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Effective Maintenance For Your Auto Interior Seat Covers

Your car auto upholstery can be upgraded quite easily even if you are on a fixed budget. Car upholstery products are sold at most automotive showrooms or on the internet. You can pick from a variety of colors and materials so irrespective of whether you prefer leather or cotton, there is something to suit you.

The auto upholstery clothes you choose is an issue of personal preference but do consider what you will use your car for before making your ultimate decision. If you frequently travel with youngsters, you will require an item that is easy to keep tidy. No matter how good your little ones are, there will be accidents involving snacks.

If you pick the top quality car auto upholstery but it needs to be dry cleaned and you will get very stressed. You can buy some low cost seat covers to have when the little ones are going. You can remove them if you are using the car to take adults and show off your smart upholstery.

If you have chosen leather or vinyl interiors they have to be effectively taken care of or they will crack and look bad. You can purchase special polish to wipe into the covers to preserve them flexible. Keeping the dashboard neat can be a trouble but is essential to prevent damage. Dashboards can crack with extremes of temperature so always use a protector to finish off the job.

Get accustomed to cleaning your automobile effectively to keep your car auto upholstery in the perfect condition. There are lots of products available to make the job easier. Or you could consider having the car cleaned by the specialists every couple of months to give it a really good clean. It will make your life easier as you will just have to maintain the cleanliness as opposed to starting from scratch.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Automotive News Why Your Car Insurance is so expensive?

If people can spend a lot of money on buying the clothes, home, and foodstuffs then they should also give importance to their lives after having car insurance. Their act will save them from the big problems. Different car insurance companies offer discounts to them on the basis of good record of driving.

The companies first check the ability of the drivers and after the judgment they issue the insurance cards with the appropriate policy which they have to follow. Such non serious persons drive just to show off their latest cars to the friends or family members. Non serious drivers have to pay the price in the form of their lives or car accident. As researches show that the teenagers have more accidents as compare to the older and experienced drivers. Too loud music also interrupts them and distracts them from the driving rules. So it is understood that insurance companies will charge them more to insure their cars. Car insurance companies first set the scale of risks and if find any one weak on this scale then take more money. Usually teenagers are at the top of the list this weaker scale. Such young people usually drink and then drive which is totally against the rules and regulations of the insurance companies as well as the legal framework.

That is why insurance companies take a lot of money from them for the car insurance. Such new drivers are also very reluctant to pay the money for the basic things related to car like the registration of car and the insurance of car. Mostly young generation drive the car in a very bad way and are unaware of the consequences of this act. It has written in the rules of the car insurance company to give benefits and some relaxations to the experienced drivers, because these drivers have good driving record. Those persons who have less driving experience will have to pay more to have this car insurance. Car insurance is expensive because the drivers are less knowledge behind the steering wheel. Such drivers can have accidents without clean background related to the driving. The other reasons of the expensive insured car are the less responsible drivers. Some new drivers like to drive with freedom and want to take the risks of an accident. One of the most common reasons of the expensive car insurance is the non serious behavior of the drivers. Usually car insurance is more expensive for the women as compare to the skilled men in driving. If people want to insure their car at a very low rate then they should take some training programmer and courses before applying for car insurance.